Belinda Lewis

Position: Director
Tel: 021 673 4700
Location: Claremont
Expertise: Property Law And Conveyancing

Belinda is a Director of STBB Attorneys and has been practising as a property attorney/conveyancer for almost 20 years. She is based at the Claremont branch of the firm and specializes in residential property transfers, the negotiation and conclusion of Agreements of Sale, Co-Ownership agreements, Leases, Subdivisions, Sectional Title Schemes and many inter-related matters in such transactions including the financial aspects, servitudes and restrictive title deed conditions, property–related taxes, non-residents buying or selling, resolving disputes in respect of defects discovered/voetstoots issues, breach of contract etc. Belinda enjoys writing articles on various property law topics and gives regular training to real estate agents on all aspects of selling and purchasing property in South Africa (her Best Practice approach) which incorporates updates on changes to the legislation and on the transfer process as a whole. Belinda is passionate about property law and the industry and client service remains her number 1 priority.

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Latest articles

Litigation Versus Arbitration 

Posted on: November 1st, 2018 by Belinda Lewis

What is the difference between litigation and arbitration; two processes of dispute resolution in South Africa? In this article, I review the basic elements of each as well as the benefits and pitfalls one experiences when going through either. This article aims to clarify why you might prefer to use the one means over the other to resolve a civil dispute.

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