Justin Hamers

Position: Senior Associate
Tel: 021 406 9100
Email: justinh@stbb.co.za
Location: Cape Town
Expertise: Litigation, Dispute Resolution Insolvency Property Litigation, Alternative Dispute Resolution


  • Magistrates’ Court, High Court and Appeal Court Litigation.
  • Property related litigation, including title deed restriction disputes, sale and lease related disputes, alternate dispute resolution (Consumer Protection Act and Rental Housing Act), evictions.
  • Collections, including banking law and bridging finance.
  • Commercial litigation, including National Credit Act, Housing Consumers Protection Measures Act, Customs and Excise Act, insolvency and contractual disputes.
  • Construction disputes, including litigating on behalf of contractors and employers arising out of the JBCC Building Agreements and bespoke construction law agreements.

Published articles:
  • Rouwkoop – a common misconception LexisNexis Property Law Digest Vol 22 Part 1 March 2018
  • The effect on the CPA on cancelling a residential lease LexisNexis Property Law Digest Vol 22 Part 2 June 2018

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Latest articles

Evicting a tenant and the rental housing tribunal | 11 July 2017

Posted on: July 11th, 2017 by Justin Hamers

Many landlords and tenants make use of the Rental Housing Tribunal to resolve disputes that arise during the existence of a lease. In the Tribunal, parties represent themselves and if legal guidance is needed, a party will consult with his attorney beforehand for advice as to his rights in the matter and the Tribunal’s procedure. […]

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