Maryke Hennig

Position: Associate
Tel: 021 673 4700
Location: Claremont
Expertise: Property Law And Conveyancing

As a dynamic Conveyancing Attorney and Property Law specialist, I strive to achieve excellence in providing a unique and personalised expert service in the property trade industry. I aspire to promote wealth, reputation and brilliance in my conveyacing practice and endeavor to achieve the same distinction for the benefit of all my clients. I will continue to autograph my work with dedication and excellence.


Associate Attorney and practicing Conveyancer of Smith Tabatha Buchanan Boyes I STBB Attorneys in Claremont, Maryke specializes in residential property transfers and transactions including drafting of Agreements of Sale, Donation, Exchange and including specialized ancillary contracts.

Maryke further focuses on and attends to the preparation of residential and commercial Lease Agreements, Property Finance, registration of transfer of Conventional Land, Sectional Title transfers, opening and registration of Sectional Title Schemes, Extension of Sections, registration of Servitudes, Collateral Mortgage Bonds, Notarial and Personal bonds, Suretyships, Co-Ownership Agreements, Rectification Transfers, Prescription Transfers, Subdivision and Consolidation of land, property transfers in terms of Divorce or Court Order, Commercial property transactions and transfers of Going Concerns, Shareblock Transactions, sale of assets, removal of title deed conditions, registration of change of name and juristic entity conversions, Special and General Powers of Attorney, registration of Ante- and Post Nuptial Contracts, Sherriff’s Auctions, Capital Gains and Withholding Tax, transactions by non-South African Residents, Deeds Office Registrar’s Panel Hearings, Correspondent Matters, property related research and writing, transactional negotiation, mediation and dispute resolution, including all technical and practical aspects of property registration and general conveyancing practice.

Maryke often provides dedicated advice on the legal aspects of property transactions, conveyancing and property law in general, and enjoys conducting regular training for Real Estate Agents, which include public speaking on any relevant or requested subject relating to the property laws and industry in South Africa.

Service excellence and the promotion of a unique and personalized focus on client satisfaction and communication remains Maryke’s top priority and pride in the legal sector of the property trade industry.


Legum Baccalaureus, LLB at the University of Stellenbosch including additional modules for advanced Property Law, advanced Sectional Titles, advanced Family Law and Advanced Criminal Law.


  • Cape Law Society with right of appearance in the High Court of South Africa
  • SA National Women in Property Network (WPN)

  • Speciality in property retail and registration of transfer of conventional residential and commercial property and sectional title transfers, as well as the transfer of agricultural land.
  • Drafting, preparation, revision and implementation of contracts, including Agreements of Sale and Lease of residential and commercial immovable property, Addendums for the amendment of contracts, Co-Ownership and Joint Tenancy Agreements, Acknowledgements of Debt or Receipt, Plot and Plan Sale Agreements, Settlements Agreements, Loan Agreements for natural persons and juristic entities, Deeds of Donation and Exchange, Suretyship Agreements, Rectification or Partition Transfers, Tripartite Agreements, Sale of Assets, Shareblock agreements and Agreements of Sale of Going Concerns and zero rated VAT transactions.
  • Legal advice on Property Finance, registration of Mortgage Bonds and registration of the cancellation or release from Mortgage Bonds registered over immovable property or assets.
  • Transactions and property transfers concerning non-South African residents including legal advice on exchange control regulations, withholding tax and capital gains liability and submission of tax directives with the South African Revenue Service.
  • Drafting and Registration of Special and General Powers of Attorney and Ante-Nuptial Contracts.
  • Registration of the change in name and/or conversion of Juristic Entities.
  • Property transfers from Deceased and Insolvent Estates.
  • Removal and Registration of Servitudes, as well as Subdivision and Consolidation of land.
  • Opening of Sectional Title Registers and simultaneous registration of transfer of the Sectional Title Units together with the registration of Mortgage Bonds for end users.
  • Negotiation relating to land acquisition and sales.
  • Registration of the Extension of Sectional Title Units and cancellation of Exclusive Use Areas.
  • Practical execution of the registration of all property related transactions and transfers in the Cape Deeds Registry, attendance to Registrar’s Panel Hearings and conference with Senior Deeds Office Examiners and Registrars.
  • Legal advice on all property law and conveyancing related matters and attendance to Correspondent Attorneys’ transactions in the Western Cape.
  • Public speaking and provision of regular training on all legal aspects of property transactions, conveyancing and property law in general and provision of legislative updates conducted for especially Real Estate Agents in trade.
  • Legal research and scripting of academic articles relating to property law and conveyancing practice.
  • Pro Bono legal assistance as instructed and endorsed by the Cape Law Society.
  • Mediation and Dispute Resolution in and during the Conveyancing process.
  • All technical and practical aspects of property registration and general conveyancing practice.

  • SA Women in Property Young Achiever Regional Award (Western Cape) 2018
  • SA Women in Property National Award Finalist 2018

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