STBB4GOOD MTB Group Charity 2019

STBB and Amdec have put their efforts together to raise funds for corrective surgery for the one in every 700 children in South Africa who is born with a cleft lip and or palate. Until they are able to receive treatment, they cannot breath, eat, drink, swallow or speak normally.
They suffer enormously and only 1 in 10 live to see their first birthday.

However, each 45-minute corrective surgery performed by Operation Smile costs only R5 500 and saves these children’s lives forever.

Over the past two years that Miles for Smiles has been the event beneficiary, a whopping R900 000 has been raised, which has translated into 164 corrective surgeries being performed.

Amdec is proudly offering you the opportunity to contribute toward this worthy cause by purchasing a Group Charity Entry at the price of one surgery of R5 500.00. For this donation you can select three entries to the MTB Challenge on Saturday, 12th October (5km, 12km, 30km, 45 km and 60 km routes) at Overgaauw Wine Estate, just outside Stellenbosch.

Make the donation now!

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