No More Bare Feet 2017/2018

Approximately 7 million children in South Africa don’t own school shoes. School shoes play a major role in shaping a learner’s confidence.

An initiative close to our hearts is the UPhawu Community Development NO MORE BARE FEET campaign, where we ask our staff, our clients and the public who are interested in participating to donate either good condition, second hand or new school shoes for underprivileged children in specific rural and urban areas.

If you would like to donate shoes, please drop them off at any STBB branch reception.

Any and all donations are most welcome and appreciated.

UPhawu Community Development is a registered NPO. For any further information, email Mondeka on or call her on +27 21 406 9100.

Collecting Donations

09 November 2017

The STBB team collected donations from Pinelands High School.






Handing out the School Shoes

19 January 2017

Anta Primary School and Msintsana Village in Centane.








13 January 2017

School shoes were delivered to Ngudle Senior Primary in Tsomo district under Ntika Yethu Local Authority and to Ngudle J.S.S Health Advisory School.


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