Fraudulent Emails | 01 August 2018

Dear clients, It has been brought to our attention that many of you are receiving emails from This is NOT an STBB email address and these are fraudulent emails, most likely containing a virus or ransomware. Please do not click on anything in these emails and simply delete them. STBB emails will only ever be […]

Municipalities – Limited Capacity | 28 June 2018

Dear business partner, We have just been advised that, due to financial year-end system requirements, many of the offices in the larger municipalities will work on limited capacity only. This includes the Tshwane municipality (28 June – 23 July) and the City of Johannesburg municipality (1 July – 5 July). We are awaiting further details […]

Conveyancing fee increase | 31 May 2018

Amended Conveyancing Fee Guidelines were recently released by the Law Society of South Africa and will come into effect with respect to instructions received from 1 June 2018 onwards. The new transfer and bond registration fees will reflect on our website calculator tomorrow. We attach hereto our updated tariff sheets, for your ease of reference. The […]

Deadline for Written Submissions on Land Expropriation Without Compensation Extended to 15 June | 18 May 2018

The Joint Constitutional Review Committee has extended the deadline for written submissions on land expropriation without compensation to 15 June 2018. Written submissions will be processed between 9 and 13 July 2018 and public hearings will be held in all provinces from 27 June to 6 August 2018. There will also be an opportunity for […]

Delays on rates figures and clearance certificates | 20 January 2018

The City of Cape Town has upgraded their software system and this is causing significant delays in the issuing of rates figures as well as clearance certificates. Upgrades of this nature usually require a settling in period during which teething problems will cause temporary delays; however, we are assured that the system will soon be […]

Important Fraud Alert | 20 January 2018

Dear Clients Internet fraud is an ongoing threat. Please remember that STBB will never in an email advise you of a change of our banking details. Should you receive such an email, it is likely to be an attempt to defraud you by inducing you to make payment to a fraudulent bank account. In such […]

VAT Rate Increased to 15%. Which rate applies to your transaction?

On 21 February 2018 the Minister of Finance, during the 2018 annual budget, announced that the VAT rate will increase by 1 percentage point to 15% effective from 1 April 2018. General VAT is essentially an inclusive tax, meaning that the price charged by a vendor includes VAT. This also means is that any quote, […]


Minister of Finance, Mr Gigaba, delivered the National Treasury’s budget for 2018/2019 this afternoon. The following amendments stand out: VAT increases from 14% to 15% on 1 April 2018. Estate duty increases from 20% to 25% on dutiable portion of estates of more than R 30 million. Donations Tax increases from 20% to 25% on […]

Our VOX System: Important Note | 11 January 2018

Dear Clients Best wishes for 2018! Just a short note to advise you that our VOX system is encountering a problem at present and we cannot access any emails or make payments. We are working with the service provider to resolve this as fast as possible and are confident that the repairs will be done […]

Cape Town Deeds Office Closure | 06 December 2017

The Cape Town deeds office has confirmed that the last day for registrations of current matters is 21 December. Their offices close on the 22nd. They open up again on 2 January 2018, but warned that in the first week or so they will have a skeleton staff complement only. It is likely that the […]

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