Repo Rate Amendment Brings Interest Rate Cuts | 18 July 2019

18 July, 2019

The Reserve Bank’s Monetary Policy Committee announced this afternoon that it has decided to cut the interest rate by 25 basis points, from 6.75% to 6.50%. This is the first time since March 2018 that the benchmark interest rate has been cut. This will in turn bring the bank interest rates down, and provide some […]

Issue 08 – 2019

18 July, 2019

SPLITTING HAIRS OVER SPLITTING COMMISSION Beijers v Harlequin Duck Properties 231 (Pty) Ltd t/a Office Space Online (1216/2017) [2019] ZASCA 89 (31 May 2019) This judgment deals with a dispute between two commercial brokers regarding payment of commission. In the written appointment of Agent A at the estate agency, it was recorded that Agent A […]

Domestic Workers Victory

16 July, 2019

According to Statssa, South African households employ approximately one million domestic workers. As a vulnerable employee group, government has over the years developed labour laws to provide protection to these employees. Although much has been done to include domestic workers in the scope of the Labour Relations Act, the Basic Conditions of Employment Act and […]

Attend your body corporate meeting Via WhatsApp?

5 July, 2019

Physical attendances to annual and special general meetings may not always be possible for every member in a Sectional Title Scheme. Prescribed Management Rule 17(10) read with Prescribed Management Rule 17(11) seeks to alleviate this problem by providing for alternative forms of attendance. There are three simple requirements that need to be met to make […]

To Appeal Interim Relief (Rule 43) In Divorce Matters

2 July, 2019

A ”Rule 43 application” is an application for interim (provisional) relief in divorce matters. It allows a party to a divorce to seek interim relief from the court in respect of maintenance, care and contact with a child and a contribution towards his/her legal costs. Were such an interim order to be appealed, the Rule […]

Transfer Duty Certificates: Technical Issues At SARS | 27 June 2019

27 June, 2019

SARS is presently experiencing technical issues in their processes dealing with applications for Transfer Duty Receipts. This is causing delays in the issuing of these Receipts. As such a Receipt is a requirement for lodgment of a transaction in the deeds registry, this may impact on scheduled transfer dates. We are advised that they are […]

Can I Change My Mind After Signing A Contract?

25 June, 2019

John is eager to secure accommodation at university for his daughter and concludes a lease agreement for a flat near campus. Before commencement of the academic year, she has a change of heart and decides to pursue studies at a different institution. What are John’s rights? While it happens that a contracting party’s needs may […]

Suretyship and a Spouse’s Consent

11 June, 2019

ARE THERE DEFENCES TO LIABILITY UNDER A SURETYSHIP IN A MARRIAGE IN COMMUNITY OF PROPERTY? Strydom executes an unlimited suretyship in favour of Engen for the debts incurred by Soutpansberg Petroleum, a company of which he was a director. He was married in community of property at the time, but his wife is not involved […]

The Tenant’s Deposit

4 June, 2019

WHILST PAYMENT OF A DEPOSIT IS NOT A VALIDITY REQUIREMENT, CERTAIN RULES APPLY IF A DEPOSIT IS AGREED UPON IN A LEASE In lease agreements relating to residential property, the landlord is obliged by the Rental Housing Act to place the amount received as a lease deposit in an interest-bearing account held with a financial […]

Registering Solar Power Installations

29 May, 2019

CAPE TOWN DUE DATE FOR REGISTERING SOLAR POWER INSTALLATIONS Owners of properties with solar power systems, and which properties are situated in the jurisdiction of the City of Cape Town Municipality, must register their installation with the City by 31 May. The initial deadline was set for the end of February 2019, but the City […]

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