Alterations To Sectional Title Units | 16 May 2017

Posted on: May 16th, 2017 by Yvette Baia

As in the case of owners of homes on free-standing erven, from time to time owners of sectional title units also seek to make alterations to their units.

Should the proposed alterations result in an extension of the floor area or boundaries of the unit, certain requirements have to be met. As a first step, the consent of the body corporate is required. Next, the owner is obliged to arrange for plans to be drawn up and approved by the local authority. A land surveyor must then be engaged to draw up sectional plans of extension, for approval by the Surveyor General. Once this has been done, the approved sectional plans must be submitted to the deeds office by a conveyancer for registration.

Failure to follow the above steps could result in extensive delays and could also be an unexpected obstacle in the path of an owner wishing to sell the unit in the near future.

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