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So many of us, when involved with transactions where one or more party is a non-resident of South Africa, experience disquiet when questions relating to repatriation of funds, obtaining tax clearances and the like arise as there are so many permutations and intricacies that may apply.  It is undeniably not worth the risk advising a client, potentially to his detriment (and ultimately your own), if you are not 100% sure about the relevant requirements and allowances.

Johan Greyling heads our Non-Resident Services Department and together with Melanie Coetzee assists with queries and management of the processes on behalf of the non-resident, be it obtaining tax directives, repatriating funds, paying monies abroad, advising on exchange control regulations, and more.

You are welcome to access our wide range of brochures on Non-Resident Services and related aspects, by browsing here

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