Family Law

Family Law encompasses a wide range of legal matters that require the assistance of a skilled attorney. Our experienced Family and Divorce Law team is able to deal with any family law issues that arise, including:

  • Divorce, spousal maintenance, maintenance applications, parental responsibilities and rights, prenuptial and antenuptial contracts;
  • Protection orders, spousal abuse, domestic violence;
  • Advice on separation of parties involved in cohabitation relationships;
  • Adoption, surrogacy, surrogacy law and surrogacy agreements, parenting plans and child abduction; and
  • The consequences of religious marriage agreements, including marriages in terms of Muslim rites.

At STBB we believe that it is vital – to ensure a smooth, quick and uncomplicated resolution of family law issues – to ensure that you have a skilled attorney to represent you in matters concerning your divorce, as there are many consequences of divorce that you may not be aware of or may underestimate. Areas that are often problematic include obtaining immediate payment from pension funds, ongoing contact and access arrangements in respect of minors, and updating of maintenance agreements.

Furthermore, other areas where assistance may be required include spousal abuse and domestic violence. We are able to assist with protective orders and advise on the process involved.

We are also able to provide advice and assistance with contracts for adoption and surrogacy and assist with parenting plans.

We can assist and provide valuable information and efficient assistance with all of the above.

You are welcome to access our wide range of brochures on Family and Divorce Law and related aspects, by browsing here

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