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Posted on: September 8th, 2014 by STBBSiteOwner

To ensure that your estate devolves efficiently, cost effectively and with a minimum of delay upon your chosen beneficiaries, it is important that you draw up a valid will assisted by a suitably qualified professional. Apart from the nomination of heirs and the appointment of an executor to administer your estate consideration should be given to any of the following topics which have relevance for you:-

• Is there sufficient liquidity in your estate to settle your debts, taxes and estate administration costs and to provide for the financial security of your family? If insufficient how can this be remedied?

• Can any estate duty for which you may be liable can be minimised?

• How you should provide for your maintenance obligations in terms of your divorce order

• The formation of a testamentary trust to manage any assets being awarded to a minor beneficiary and the appointment of trustees to manage same

• The appointment of a guardian for minor children

• How best to provide for your offshore assets

• Could the formation of an intervivos trust be beneficial to you?

• Will your business interests be adequately protected on your death?

By seeking the best possible professional assistance you will be able to identify problem areas, investigate solutions and achieve the peace of mind of knowing that you have done everything possible to streamline your financial affairs and to ensure that your will is a sound legal document. Our succession law experts are able to offer you this service.

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