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Please note that live tracking of your matter has now moved to the STBB Direct app.
STBB Direct is available on the Google Play Store, the Apple App Store and via our website at the STBB Direct link here.

Please browse to the “Deals” section at the bottom of the STBB Direct app screen for live tracking of your matters.

You will be required to activate the STBB Direct app to access the live deal tracking section. To do this, please enter your Name, Surname and Email Address when prompted and then click on the “Sign Up” button. An activation code will then be sent to you via email or SMS. A notification will briefly appear in the app to advise where the code was sent. Once you receive the code, please enter same into the app to complete the activation and access the deal tracking.

If you are using the STBB Direct app via our website, you will need to set up a password in addition to activating. Should you misplace this password, please deactivate the app and reactivate to create a new password. Deactivating the app is performed by clicking on the “Settings” menu button at the bottom right hand side of the app screen and then selecting the “Deactivate” option.



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